Selected Faculty

Vineet Garg
Vast experience of over 48 years in handling all kinds of Architectural Projects.

Prof. Tanya Gupta
Head of Department
B.Arch – GCA, Lucknow University
M.Arch – Sharda University
M.Sc in Sustainable Development

Bashbi Dasgupta
Vast experience of almost 48 yrs. She specialises in Hospital Design, Housing and Sustainable Technologies.

Ms. Chandrakala Kesarwani
Associate Professor
B.Arch., M.Arch from Maharshi
Dayanand University, Rohtak

Ar. Preeti Nair
Associate Professor
B.Arch -Giani Zail Singh College of Engg. & Technology, Bathinda
M Ekistics – Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi

Ar. Seema Sharma
Assistant Professor
B.Arch. M.Arch from Guru
Jambheshwar University, Hissar

Ar. Arundhati Khasnabis
Assistant Professor
B.Arch, M.Des. from IIT Delhi

Ar. Gandharva Swami
Assistant Professor
B. Arch., M.Arch from
Sharda University.

Mohd. Parvez Alam
Assistant Professor
B.Tech., M.Tech. from
Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi

Ar. Amitesh Vijay Mourya
Associate Professor
B.Arch., Master’s in Urban Planning,
SPA Delhi

Ar. Swati Punyal
Assistant Professor
B.Arch, M.Arch. from
School of Planning and Architecture, Bhopal

Prof. Divay Gupta
Conservation Architect with postgraduate specializations from School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi and University of Birmingham, UK

Ar. Sushma Garg
B.Sc. , B.Arch, from
M.S.University, Baroda

Ar. Abinav Garg
Associate Professor
B. Arch, IIT Roorkee
M.Tech. from CEPT University

Ar. Charu Jain
Associate Professor
B.Arch., M.Arch. from
IIT Roorkee

Ar. Abhinav Kessarwani
Associate Professor
B.Arch, Masters in Construction Management from Redding University, U.K.

Ar. Mudit Gupta
Associate Professor
Masters in Ekistics from
Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi

Ar. Mehak Manrao
Assistant Professor
B. Arch. from Punjab Technical

Ar. Nidhi Sachdeva
Assistant Professor
B. Arch., M. Plan (Environmental Planning)
from C.E.P.T

Ar. Samreen Sultan
Assistant Professor
B.Arch & M.Arch – Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi
Ar. Saksham Gupta
Assistant Professor
B.Arch – Amity University
M.Plan (Environment) – SPA, Delhi
Ar. Richa Singh
Assistant Professor
B.Arch – Amity University
M.Plan (Urban) – CEPT University

School of Architecture
List of Academic Events/ Non Academic Events/Workshops/FDP’s/Seminars/Student Events

The School of Architecture organized national seminar, workshops, expert lectures, short term training programmes and other value added courses which are an essential part of valued based learning.

Le Corbusier Lecture Series

  • Towards Integrated Architecture” by Ar. Sanjay Prakash – 4th Aug 2020
  • Academic vs. Practice” by Prof. HB Singh -5thAug 2020
  • At the Crossroads” by Ronnie Tan – 25thSep 2020
  • Green Buildings” by Ms. Somya Dubey – 28 Jan 2019
  • Intersectional futures: The Past & Present of Architecture” by Prof. Manish Chalana- 9 Sep 2019
  • Architecture as Profession” by Hon. Justice Bhanwar Singh – 13 Sep 2019
  • Cultural Geography and Architecture in Gujarat” by Ar. Hemang Sanghvi, on 1stOct 2019
  • Ten qualities of an Architect” by Ar. Divay Gupta, on 16 Jan 2018
  • The Vanishing Step wells of India” by Victoria Lautman, on 07 Feb 2018
  • Green Building Analysis” by Ar. Udit Gaurav -25 Sep 2018
  • Design Process” by Ar.Rajat Ray – 11 Oct 2018
  • Urban Design” by Ar. Krupal Bhavsar – 25 Oct 2018
  • Can we make cities we want” by Dr.PSN Rao, on 6 Sep 2017
  • Sustainable Design and Planning” by Prof. Manish Chalana, University of Washington on 8 Sep 2017
  • Transform the World Design” with Vector works, 18 Sep 2017
  • Contemporary Landscape Design” by Ar. Neelima Rana, 22 Nov 2017
  • Expert Lecture on “Role of Services in Buildings” by Ar.Smita Rashmi on 17th February, 2016.
  • Lecture on “Fatehpur Sikri” by Prof.Divya Gupta, Director of the Architecture Department on 16th September, 2016.
  • Lecture on “Traditional Is Modern” by Mr.Randolph Lagenbach on 22nd November, 2016.
  • Lecture on “Architecture and Urbanism in Slum dog Millionaire” by Dr.Vandana Baweja on 14thDecember, 2016.
  • A special lecture on “Architecture in You” by  Alok Ranjan, Professor, Department of Architecture, MNIT, Jaipur.
  • Presentation on Educational Tour to Europe and Dubai” was given to the students by company called “Wheels on Innovation” from Pune on March 6th, 2017.


  • Brick & Bamboo Workshop” for 1st years from 18th-19thFeb 2019
  • Arch-Shala -1:On “Architectural Presentation And Rendering Skills” For 2nd Year –  by Hemang Madhukar – 19th-20th  Sep 2019
  • Wall paintingWorkshop” from 16th–18th Oct 2019
  • Revit Workshop” on 9 Mar 2018
  • Art Workshop” at Delhi Public World School, Noida Extension for two days on March 23rd-24th March, 2017
  • “Workshop on Bricks”on 11th March, 2016
  • An exhibition titled “KINESTHESIA-2016” was organized by First Year Students on 8th November, 2016.
  • Workshops on Origami, Bamboo, Art (Patterns and Illusions) and Murals were conducted in Session 2015-2016.

Faculty Development Programmes/Seminar/Conferences

  • FDP on “Cultural Dimensions in Built Environment” in collaboration with IIT Roorkee – 29thMar 2019 to 2nd Apr 2019
  • International Seminar-Design in Context, on 11th-13thApril 2018
  • FDP on “National Research Methodology in Architecture” in collaboration with COA from 20th February to 24th, February, 2017.
  • Seminar on “Introduction to General Law” by Honorable Justice Bhanwar Singh on 9th September, 2016.
  • During the session 2014-2015, the department organized 2 days Certified National Seminar on “Cities and Citizens”

Student Events

  • Symbolism in Architecture“-Vertical Design Competition on 10th– 14thNov 2018
  • Our students actively participate in NASA (National Association of Students of Architecture) and achieved Third position in Reuben’s Trophy in Zonal NASA 2015.

Non Academic Events

  • Architecture Day”- 1stOct 2020
  • Orientation programme” – 4th-5thAug 2020
  • Arch-Manch 2020” – 27th– 28th Feb 2020
  • Ankahi-Awareness Heritage” – 28 Jan 2019
  • A Tribute To Ar. C.P Kukreja” –  21 Aug 2018
  • Informal Formal “Orientation Programme” – 27 Aug 2018
  • World’s Architecture Day” – 05 Oct 2018
  • “Diwali Mela cum NASA Day”– 02 Nov 2018
  • Pre-Diwali and NASA Event called DIWANA was organized on 27th October, 2016.