15 Feb 2020

Brick Workshop Organised by Architecture Deptt

One Day Brick Bond Workshop for First Year

A hands-on experiment towards brick bonds technologies.

Held on 13th Feb’ 2020

At Construction Yard School of Architecture, DTC, Greater NOIDA.


A hands-on workshop for learning through experience the brick technologies hitherto taught in building construction, for the students. The workshop aimed at development of a defined semi circular arch, Flemish bond, English bond, L- junctions, T- junction and brick jalli, with the use of appropriate technologies.

Objectives: In the end of this teaching, student will be able:-

  • To compare between the arrangement of the first layer and second layer .
  • To estimate the total of materials that been use in correctly.
  • To plan, build a wall and understand the bondings principles.
  • To do the testing and checking accurately.

Equipment :

  • Brick Laying Trowel
  • Brick Bonding Trowel
  • Scoop / Shovel
  • Spirit Level
  • Brick Gauge
  • L Elbow
  • Bucket


  • Bricks
  • Mortar, sand, water

Faculty involvement:

Ar. Mehak Manrao, Ar. Seema Sharma and Ar. Vidya Anil, Ar. Gandharva Swami, Ar. Saksham Gupta.

Student involvement:

All Students of first year participated.

The Workshop:

Thursday, 13th Feb’ 2020 (09:30AM – 04:00PM)

The selected group of students was briefed about the workshop by the faculty coordinators: regarding the scope of work, the methodology of execution, and the expected outcome. Safety instruction were given and explained as it was mandatory for the students to wear shoes and caps for the workshop. The students were then taken to the site of work. At the very first outset, a site acclimatization survey was conducted, and the physical limits of the site identified and marked.

Students were divided into groups, as per the following work:

  • Splitting of Teams
  • Preparation of site according to design
  • Introducing participants to power tools and hand tools
  • Preparation of construction material
  • Preparation of mortar for brick masonry
  • Completion of masonry work.
  • Documentation going parallel throughout the workshop.


As envisaged the workshop proved to be a first hand learning experience for students, who enjoyed it thoroughly full of zest and energy. A well-defined Gateway entrance to amphitheatre was constructed – which