• Nitish Puri has been awarded PhD on 18th Feb 2019 on “Seismic Hazard Analysis and Liquefaction Hazard Mapping for the state of Haryana, India” by NIT Kurukshetra. He has also been awarded ISET VH Joshi Award for best paper by IIT Roorkee.
  • All the faculty members participate in National/ International conferences/ workshops/ short term courses for being updated with the recent trends in Civil engineering. Every faculty member is working on their research projects and disseminates knowledge through publications in National/ International conferences and journals. Some of the important publications from the department are:
  1. Puri N and Jain A (2018), “Possible Seismic Hazards in Chandigarh City of Northwestern India due to its proximity to Himalayan Frontal Thrust”, The Journal of Indian Geophysical Union, Volume 22, Number 5, pp. 485-506. (ESCI)
  2. Srivastava D, Ghosh S.K., Mathur S. and Gupta U. (2018),” Water quality analysis of railway stations of Jaipur city“, International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research. (Accepted)
  3. Ezri Babu G and Ravi Kishore P (2017), “Performance analysis of eco-friendly concrete containing acid treated recycled aggregate” IJSART, Volume 3, Issue 10. ISSN Online: 2395-1052.
  4. Sahay A (2017), “Comparison of Different Soil Models for Excavation using Retaining Walls”. SSRG International Journal of Engineering (SSRG-IJCE), Volume 4, Issue 3, pp 43-48, ISSN Online 2348-8352.
  5. Yogita, “Durability on a R.C.C. Structure by Using Piezoelectric Material”, i-Manager’s Journal on Structural Engineering, Volume 6, Number 1.
  • Shreeja Kacker presented a paper on ‘Design of Energy Efficient Airport using TEG on Runways’ at International Conference on Smart Cities ICSC 2019, organized by Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (14-16th March 2019) and won the ‘Best Paper Presentation Award’. The paper will be published by Springer Nature.