12 Feb 2020

Data Science and AI Bootcamp

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp (7th February,2020)

Computer Science Department of Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida has proudly conducted a workshop for the students of B.Tech CSE 2nd,3rd year and BCA towards industrial demanding technologies primarily aimed at Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Mr. Harsh Sharma working currently in the stack of Deep Learning associated with various companies has taken the command to aware students about what and how corporate industries operate, on what technologies students should be focusing on to get good placements. The workshop has covered various aspects of Machine Learning and Data Science which were supervised learning, unsupervised learning, data and feature engineering, feature selection and applications of Machine Learning in various domains. Students were highly involved in queries and discussion part of the interactive session. The workshop helped students to understand the gap between industrial requirements and their knowledge.A section of this workshop was also focused on the obstacles students face while learning and working as per industrial requirements.