05 Nov 2018

Diwali Mela 2018

Diwali Mela 2018

Delhi Technical Campus celebrated the Diwali Mela on 2 November 2018 . The Institute witnessed the enchanting beauty of thoughts and spirits that define Diwali! The Mela was inaugurated by the Chairperson Mrs.Kiran Sahni. All decorations were done by the students of B.Arch which made the campus look even more beautiful.

The Mela set  the students in cheerful mood before taking a break for the upcoming festival. The extravaganza witnessed a variety of delicious food stalls, games, challenges and cultural performances to bedazzle you. To top it all, the students vouched to donate all their proceeds to towards a social cause.

The major attraction of the day was a stall of Handmade materials like lamp shades, jewellery boxes, paper bags, painted diyas, greeting cards.  It was all about hand-made stuff and natural products at the Diwali Mela organised by the Institute. In addition to all the fun and zeal was the social cause intended by the Institute. A collective contribution from the Management, students and faculty members made it possible for the Institute to donate a Refrigerator to Anand  Niketan Vridh Sewa Ashram.

The Tasveer Society set-up a beautiful photo exhibition reflecting their creative side. The pictures were put on sale to contribute from the institute towards a social cause. The photos beautifully captured  the moods and scenery from various aspects of life.

But it wasn’t all work for students. There were various games which attracted the attention of students and faculty members.  Students set-up Games stalls like Lucky Seven, Seven Up Seven Down, Break the Pyramid etc. The campus was decorated with diyas and handmade hangings by the students of B.Arch. The pretty Rangolis made by the college students as participants of the Rangoli Competition further beautified the event.

Along with the stalls, there was add-on to the fun and frolic through various cultural events organized by the Student Societies of the Institute. The students put up a beautiful show through their dances, plays and other cultural events.

There was a Theme-based Class Room Decoration competition with the theme of State of India.

The Director General, Honorable Mr. Justice Bhanwar Singh blessed the students on this auspicious occasion.

The celebrations came to an end on a happy note wishing all a very Happy Diwali.