05 May 2018

Farewell ‘Bon Voyage’ Batch 2018


Batch 2014-2018 finally bid a farewell to Delhi Technical Campus on 20th April 2018. A special one day event was organized by the 3rd Year students in the Da Vinci Auditorium within Campus.


The event started with a tabla and a hindi song duo, which lead to great start. There were many interesting games organized by the team such as Push-up challenge for boys and a heel walk with a book on head for girls were a few of them. 4th year students also showed a great participation with enthusiasm and showed why B.Tech is called a professional course. There were games too for the title and tags distribution to the students .After that there was a video session in which a video was played which contained many images embarking the journey of the students and the time students have spend as a student of DTC. That video touched hearts of students and many could be seen having wet eyes. Continuing the journey there were photo sessions which lead to the lunch which was organized by the juniors.


The organizing team put in a lot of effort to make that event a memorable one for their seniors. And all of their effort could be sensed from each event that took place. The day ended with a cake cutting ceremony which scripted ‘Bon Voyage 2014-2018’