22 Oct 2019

Mayoor School, Noida Visit to DTC

DTC-School Connect Initiative “Experience a day at the college”

It gives us immense pleasure to host Mayoor School students today as an important part of our School Connect Initiative. This initiative is first of its kind.

Our School Connect Program has a couple of activities to bridge the gap between school and college. These activities strengthen the bond of continuity between secondary years and early university years of learning in the student’s life.

We invited students of senior grades from Mayoor School,Noida to experience a day in the life of a student at a technical college. It has been a complete learning experience for the students with fun and excitement too. The day’s program was designed keeping in mind the timelines, safety and security of school students.

They visited the DTC campus, participated in workshops, attended lectures, visited various labs, ate at the mess, went around the hostel, and met the professors, the HoDs and closed with a great Rendezvous with the Hon Dean Dr Pranay Tanwar. The commerce students also had an exclusive session with Faculty of Law from Delhi Metropolitan Education,Noida.

They experienced the technical college life for real. The students received certificates of attendance and the students of Mayoor School gave a wonderful vote of thanks and shared their experiences of Hotel Management Workshop where they enjoyed making mocktails.They also learned a lot in the CAD /CAM workshop and designed their own nut and carried the prints home.A group of students crafted a lot of fantasies in the architecture department and loved taking them for their friends and teachers.

The students also had the privilege to interact with the Hon. Chairperson Mrs. Kiran Sahni. They were blessed to have a bright future ahead.