18 Apr 2018

Report On International Seminar and Workshop On Design In Context

Report Dt. 14.04.2018
School of Architecture
Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida
Design in Context: 3-day Workshop and Seminar on April 11th, 12th and 13th 2018.
International Seminar and Workshop, has been done in Architecture Department of Delhi Technical Campus on the topic of Design in Context with Ar. Snehanshu Mukherjee (Architect, Designer and eminent academician), Ar. Aishwarya Tipnis (Architect, Conservation Planner and author) and Olga Chepelianskaia (Founder of UNICITI)as key speakers in DTC on 11th, 12th and 13th April 2018.
Context plays a vital role in design as it is the key generator of sustainability, social inclusion, Physical architectural integration and much more, if we talk about field of design in Architecture, Conservation and Urban Planning.
It was a three day event where student design competition with expert lectures and panel discussion with eminent architects and professionals working in field of integrating context in design in different ways, took place. Which has been attended by more than 50 students of different neighbouring Architecture colleges and faculties with SOA DTC ,students and team.
List of faculties and consultants attended the International Seminar and Workshop-
Ar. Ruchi , Ar. Bipasha Kumar and Ar. Kamini Singh from Galgotia University
Ar. Madhuri Aggarwal from Gautam Budhh University
Ar. Swati Singh and Ar. Chitra Chidambram from Sharda University
Ar. Meenal Kesarwani (Architectural Consultant)
Day 1and 2: (April 11th &12th, 2018) :
Design Competition – To encourage more research and senior- junior interaction which are the foundation stones of Architecture industry , this competition has been planned. This was a two day competition done on two topics which are as follows
1.) State Pavillion in Pragati Maidan (By first and third year students together)
The final design would require consideration of the state’s culture, climate and social issues, keeping an outlook of modern India.
2.) Embassy Building in Dwarka (By Second and Fourth Year Students together)
The final design would require consideration of the country’s culture, climate, social issues and ambitions as a country.
A special emphasis has been laid on formulation of design problems for the competition considering Context as an integral part of design. Third day of the event competition has been followed by competition entry presentation by students which have been judged by our guest speakers. And following the same an award distribution ceremony for entries with merit has been conducted.
Day 3 (April 13th, 2018):
Expert Lecture Presentation, Workshop and Panel discussion
Third day of the event which was 13th April 2018 International Seminar has been conducted by convenors Ar. Divay Gupta (Director, SOA) and Ar. Tanya Gupta (HOD, SOA) in Da Vinci Auditorium ,DTC.
The session opened with lamp lighting and saraswati vandana then a welcome speech by Mr. Aman Sahni, Vice-Chairman of the Sunshine Group, welcoming the guests to the institute, took place.
Session 1 :
The first session of the day was taken by Ar. Divay Gupta, on the various parameters of context. Scale, type and approaches of a context in design were discussed by him. He also discussed how context and anti-context is used in the establishment of identity.
Event started with felicitation of the guests and key speakers by Mr. Aman Sahani (Vice Chairperson , Sunshine Group), Ms. Pranay Tanwar (Dean Academics DTC) and Ar. Tanya Gupta (HOD, SOA- DTC).
Session 2:
which further followed by a presentation and lecture by Ar. Snehanshu Mukherjee where he presented some of his milestone architectural works which have been ideated and formulated with sensitivity towards historical, physical architectural and Urban Context in which there is a notable mention of Extension of National Art Gallery in Lutyens Delhi,project involved designing in an area that was previously an agricultural land and merging the new design into the then-existing Jaipur House building and Osho Commune.
Session 3:
Second presentation and guest lecture have been done by Ar. Aishwarya Tipnis in which she explained a myth breaking approach in Conservation. She discussed one of her famous conservation projects, the first of its kind- in Delhi. She discussed how knowledge of traditional materials and local cultures helped her in restoring a weather-beaten haveli to its former glory.
Session 4:
The fourth session by Ms. Olga Chepelianskaia discussed the threats to cities due to climate change. She discussed how thoughtless urbanization can lead to a city losing its identity. She also discussed how cities faced severe floods due to rising temperature, rainfall and sea level. The role and responsibility of architects and planners in making policies and implementing them was emphasized.
Day -3 follows
Panel Discussion
After student competition jury, a panel discussion has been followed with the guests, chaired by Ar. Divay Gupta (Director, SOA- DTC) where students and faculties have participated enthusiastically in the discussion with guests regarding their works and current questions in field of design regarding role of context in it.
After student competition award ceremony and distribution of appreciation certificated to SOA Team,the event was concluded by Justice Bhanwar Singh, Director General of the Sunshine Group. Followed by a Vote of thanks by Ar. Tanya Gupta, HOD, School of Architecture- DTC.

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