07 Mar 2019

Report on New-Year Celebration

Report on New-Year Celebration

We have celebrated New-Year on 11th January 2019 in Auditorium at 1:45 pm.

Ameyans performed wonderfully and enthusiastically in new-year celebration. We have presented two performances:

  • Classical Dance:- Ms. Parineeta (B.Tech 1st Yr, ECE) has shown her skills in classical dance (Bharatnaatyam) performance.
  • Duet Dance:- our 02 students; Ms. Deepika and Ms. Shrishti (B.Tech, 2nd Yr, ECE) have performed on fusion of various masala Bollywood and Hollywood famous songs. Students were successful in their approach and entertained the audience a lot.

The event has been attended by all faculty members and students of different streams. All have welcomed new-year with full joy.

This event has acted as a dawn for the students and has encouraged everyone to keep working hard and plodding through the stairs of success in coming year 2019.