23 Jun 2020

Webinar: Gearing up Careers for Hospitality & Tourism by School of Hotel Management

The session started with a welcome note By Director DTC-Prof(Dr) Ranjit Verma and  handed over to Webinar Coordinator Dr Kavita Khanna,HOD School of Hotel Management.
The Speaker of today’s webinar Prof.(Dr)Ashish Dahiya spoke about the future career prospects of the hospitality industry. He focused on-
  • Employability Skills
  • New updates in industry
  • Changing goals for shaping career
  • How to develop self confidence
  • Teamwork
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovations
  • Types of Hotels coming in near future-e.g Luxury homes,
He very well explained with so many examples that the hospitality industry offers bright careers for youth and it helps them to become independent. Dr Dahiya emphasized very specifically on the employability in the Hotel industry.This is the only industry which offers jobs in India and also has bright opportunities for students in other countries also.
The session was very informative and great learning for all. In all 81 participants benefited by this session.
Session was ended by Vote of thanks by HOD School of Hotel Management.

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