09 Sep 2019

Workshop of 2nd Year Students


The Civil Engineering Awareness Society (CEAS) organized a workshop on “Uses of Theodolite in Surveying”on 2ndSeptember 2019 for 2nd year students, under the guidance of Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, Lab Technician, Delhi Technical Campus, Gr. Noida.

It was a great hands-on experience for the students. They learned the techniques of determining the contours of an area, distance between objects and height of a building. First part of the workshop was conducted in the laboratory in which the students were taught the mechanics and mathematics behind the noting of readings and the calculations required to get the appropriate results. After this the students were escorted to the college grounds for the second part of the workshop. During this time the students learned how to use the dumpy level and the theodolite at site to locate an object, find its respective level and height of a structure.

Theodolites are employed everyplace from construction sites to main road points. It measures angles using age-old principles of pure mathematics and assists surveyors in establishing precise locations.

The Civil Engineering Awareness Society (CEAS)thanks the DTC Management for giving us the opportunity to hold this workshop and looks forward to many more of these.