21 Sep 2021

2nd International Housekeeping Week by School of Hotel Management

School of Hotel Management celebrated 2nd International Housekeeping Week at Delhi Technical Campus on 16th September 2021 at 11:00 to 12:30 AM.
The day is celebrated to make everyone aware about the importance of Housekeeping and hygiene. This year various competitions were held in online mode which are;
1. Rangoli Making
2. Best from Waste
3. Towel Origami
4. Showcase your talent
Students from various departments of college participated in multiple competitions students from different university took part in it too like Gautam Budh University.
It was altogether a wonderful platform for students to show their creativity at its best. And seeing the enthusiasm and participation it was worth a day celebrated. Dr. Alka Shrivastava & Dr. Kavita Khanna judged the competitions.
The event was concluded with results announcements by Respected Dean Maam and a formal vote of thanks by Dr. Kavita Khanna.