The Annual Alumni Meet “Convergence” was organized on the DTC campus on 21 January  2023. It was a fun-filled, Joyous, and amazingly electrifying event celebrating the success of the alumnus of the Delhi Technical Campus.

The event started with traditional Diya and Saraswati Vandana lighting to pay tribute to the Goddess of Knowledge. The dignitaries who graced the event were Chairperson Hon’ble Mrs. Kiran Sahni, Director General Hon’ble Justice Mr. Bhanwar Singh, Director Dr. Ranjit Varma, and Dean Academics Dr. Pranay Tanwar.

The event started with an address by the Hon’ble Justice, Mr. Bhanwar Singh, who welcomed all former students and wish them the best of luck for their future. It was followed by the address of Chairperson DTC, Mrs. Kiran Sahni, she wished all the alumni good health and a  promising future.

Dean Academics had the final address where she discussed the importance and contribution of alumni to the success of any institution. She emphasized that this type of event is a great opportunity for networking and professional opportunities and helps to organize and establish scholarships. She also wished them the best of luck in their career

The series of events followed were a range of solo and group cultural activities including individual and group classical presentations. A feeling of mixed emotions gripped the whole auditorium as the flashback video of Alumni was played on the large screen.

The other performances included “Lazy Dance” “Hook Step Challenge”, and “Truth and  Dare” and the activities were concluded by the electrifying performance by the bands  “MritYou” and “Street Priest” who energized the entire auditorium with their electrifying performance. The decoration was done amazingly. The event was ended with the ceremonial lunch party.

As a gesture of appreciation for being an important part of the success of the institution, the  Alumni were given thank-you gifts.

The event was attended by around 190 Alumni, 35 spouses, 45 volunteers,  60 faculty members, and staff (Total 330) from B.Tech, B.Arch, and MBA  programs. The event was covered by media and followed by 23rd January 2023.

The event was made successful by the valuable contributions of the conveners Mr. Mohit Gupta, Dr. Malvika Chaudhary, and Dr. Kumar  Shubham.