The Anti-Ragging Committee takes care that ragging is completely prohibited on campus. Anyone found guilty of ragging and/or abetting, whether actively or passively or being a part of a conspiracy to promote ragging, is liable to be punished under UGC Regulations 2009 and the provisions of any penal law for the time being in force.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. The committee will decide and finalize Anti Ragging Regulations for the institution under the prevailing regulations of various statutory bodies.
  2. To ensure submission of undertaking in the prescribed format from the candidate concerned on anti-ragging at the time of admission.
  3. To suggest measures to tighten vigil against any act which constitutes ragging.
  4. To prevent ragging, freshers, senior students, and every institute staff are made aware of the measures.
  5. To ensure that the actions to be taken are as per the guidelines of the relevant regulations of the regulatory bodies
  6. Timely circulation of action taken report to the concerned authorities against Anti-Ragging in the institute.

If any student is caught doing so or exploiting any fresher in any form, the following action will be taken.

  • They will be suspended from attending classes.
  • Withholding/withdrawing scholarship/fellowship and other benefits
  • Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or another evaluation process

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. To devise a mechanism for receiving, processing, and addressing all information regarding the incidence of ragging.
  2. To advise the Disciplinary Committee and subcommittee on new policies or directives on handling cases of ragging (as applicable) occasionally.
  3. To timely address the grievances of stakeholders
  4. To sensitize faculty and staff members towards cases of ragging.
  5. Seek advice from experts to handle complicated grievance cases related to ragging apart from advice by other committees (s)/ sub-committee(s) if the need arises.
  6. To compile/ submit biannual basis, the grievance summary report (on cases related to ragging), if any, along with recommendations.
  7. To maintain all records, statements, actions, and other correspondences related to ragging cases.


S.NO. Name Phone Number Designation
1. Dr. Krishna Kant Singh 8057655031 Director
2. Shri Saad Miya Khan 8595902507 DCP, Gr. Noida
3. Shri Ashok Kumar 8595902513 ADCP, Gr. Noida
4. Shri Vipin Kumar 8595902542 SHO, KP
5. Dr. Piyush Yadav 9873448871 Dean (Planning)
6. Dr. Ajay Pal Indolia 8750686275 Chief Proctor
7. Dr. Alka Srivastava 9999688202 Proctor (Chair Person ICC)
8. Dr. Atif Wahid 9540956762 Proctor
9. Mr. Shashi Kumar 9350286272 Boys Hostel Warden
10. Ms. Indu Sharma 9811349980 Girls Hostel Warden
11. Mr. Ashish Sharma 9899209535 Administrative Officer

Special Invitee (Student Representative):

S. No. Name Phone Number Designation
1. Mr. Rohit Choudhary 8287746068 Student representative
2. Mr. Sanskar Gupta 9650762346 Student representative

Special Invitee (Parent Representative):

S. No. Name Phone Number Designation
1. Mr. Rakesh Kumar 9716494718 Parent Representative
2. Ms. Kamaljeet 8178003359 Parent Representative
3. Mr. Dhruwa Kumar Prasad 8447211757 Parent Representative
4. Ms. Poonam Gupta 8800446990 Parent Representative


S.No. Name Phone Number Designation
1.  Dr. Ajay Pal Indolia 8750686275 Chief Proctor
2. Dr. Alka Srivastava 9999688202 Proctor (Chair Person ICC)
3. Dr. Atif Wahid 9540956762 Proctor
4. Dr. Malvika Chaudhary 9811557393 Member
5. Ms. Nidhi Sharma 9990412221 Member
6. Ar. Gandharva Swami 8750436773 Member
7. Mr. Kapil Khurana 7056464814 Member
8. Mr. Aniket Singh 8383888097 Member
9. Mr. Amit Sarkar 8802526863 Member
10. Mr. Satyaveer Gupta 9473634303 Member

Ragging and the Indian Penal Code

Section Description Punishment
339 Wrongful restraint 1 Month
340 Wrongful confinement 1 Year
341 Punishment for Wrongful restraint 1 Month
342 Punishment for Wrongful confinement 1 Year
292 Obscene acts and songs 2 Year
506 Punishment for criminal intimidation 7 Year
323 Punishment for voluntarily causing hurt 1 Year
324 Voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means 3 Year
325 Punishment for Voluntarily causing grievous hurt 7 Year
326 Voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means Life Imprisonment
304 Punishment for culpable homicide not amounting to murder Life Imprisonment
306 Abetment of suicide 10 Years
307 Attempt to murder 10 Years