30 Sep 2020

“At the crossroads” – Expert Lecture by Ar. Ronnie Tan

A talk titled “At the crossroads” was organised as part of the Le Corbusier Series by School of Architecture at Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida on 25.09.2020, for the students of all the batches.

The speaker for the lecture was Ar. Ronnie Tan, an accredited Landscape Architect, President of Singapore institute of landscape architects (SILA) and also a Faculty at School of Design, Temasak polytechnic, Singapore. The talk by Ar. Ronnie Tan addressed the following points:

  • Urban development issues of sustainability related to economic and social paradigm
  • He went on to relate it to biodiversity, food security, integrated development, water pollution
  • He also mentioned community participation and role of culture in developing sustainable solutions
  •    He talked about trans-disciplinary study and action plan to overcome challenges and improve sustainability.
  • The speaker cited many examples in the context of Singapore.

The students were exposed to the perspective of urban landscape as a necessity to achieve sustainability and a means to counter the climatic issues in urban environment.