About The Course

Electronics and Communication Engineering is an Engineering discipline which uses the scientific knowledge of the behavior and effects of electrons to develop components, devices, systems, or equipment that uses electricity as part of its driving force. This engineering field encompasses many subfields including those that deal with power, instrumentation engineering, telecommunications, semiconductor circuit design and many others. India is emerging as a hub of world class VLSI/Embedded systems. Electronics and Communication engineers can find jobs with entry level packages of Rs. 3.5 – Rs. 4.0 lakhs per annum with large number of Multinational Corporations operating in India. Communication advancement in the field of engineering had its major role in making people connect together sitting in different parts of the world. Today cellular mobiles have become our body parts. Communication techniques of engineering made the availability of internet (data communication) to a large population. The mobile communications  have undergone various evolutions from 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G. Communication engineering finds its application in defense, entertainment, education and many other fields. The Department of ECE is working under the guidance of Prof. Jitender Pathak (B.Tech. M.Tech. and Ph.D). He has 08 years of Industrial experience, 5 years of research and 16 years of academic experience in reputed Institutes. ECE Department has well qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty and lab staff. All are committed to excellence in teaching and passionate about research & development. Department has 3 Ph.D faculty and other M. Tech., B. Tech. faculty from reputed Institutes. Our emphasis has been on effective integration of class room and lab session with a fine blend of academic and practical experimental training. Whatever has been taught in class, the students apply that to solve numerical and design problems and to design and simulate circuits/systems in the lab. With an ardent intention to provide exposure to our students and faculties, ECE Department has organized seminars, workshops and technical quizzes etc. The Department provides opportunities and resources to its faculty and students for the pursuit of research and academic excellence. Many of our department faculty members have published books, conference papers and articles. Lab has been an integral part of our course curriculum. Lab sessions provide technical skills to the students and supplement/enrich the class room learning. ECE labs covers domains such as analog and digital circuits, analog & digital signal processing, microprocessor & micro-controller, VLSI & embedded systems, wireless communication, antenna and wave propagation and micro-wave communications. Labs have latest software tools such as MATLAB, OrCAD, Mentor Graphics, Xylinx etc in the area of soft computing and VLSI.

Selected Faculty

Dr. Kumar Shubham
Head of Department
B.Tech., Ph.D. IIT-BHU

Dr. Deepti Agarwal
Associate Professor
B-Tech, M-Tech (IIT-Delhi)
PhD (IGDTUW, Delhi)

Ms. Mehak Narang
Assistant Professor
B.Tech., M.Tech., Ph.D. (Pursuing)
Thapar University, Punjab

Mr. Ankit Gambhir
Assistant Professor
B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D (Pursuing)
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Dr. Kimmi Verma
Associate Professor
B.Tech, M.Tech, Ph.D from Banasthali
University, Jaipur