About the Conference

Welcome to the cutting-edge world of Intelligent System Analytics! The Department of Management in its upcoming conference delves into the dynamic realm of intelligent systems and their practical implementation in business. Set against the backdrop of rapidly evolving technologies, this conference serves as a platform for professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts to explore innovative approaches and real-world applications in the realm of analytics. From leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to harnessing big data for actionable insights, our conference promises a deep dive into the transformative power of intelligent systems in the business landscape. Engage with thought leaders, industry experts, and visionaries as they share their expertise, case studies, and success stories, providing invaluable insights into the latest trends and advancements. Join us in this immersive experience, where we bridge the gap between theory and practical implementation, paving the way for a smarter and more analytics-driven future for businesses. Be prepared to unlock the potential of Intelligent System Analytics and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Important Dates

  • 15 February 2024 – Last date of Paper submission
  • 25 February 2024 – Acceptance notification
  • 29 February 2024 – Conference day

Email Id:- domconference@delhitechnicalcampus.ac.in

Call for Papers

Papers are invited on the following themes (but not limited to):

Business Analytics:-

  • Information Management
  • Blockchain Security Models
  • Management Science
  • Strategic Planning

Banking & Finance:-

  • Bankruptcy
  • Crypto Currencies
  • Quantitative Finance
  • Financial Engineering

Technology & Innovation in Business:-

  • Big Data Analytics
  • Communication and Network Technology
  • Data Mining and Intelligent Computing
  • Information Security & Trusted Computing

Marketing Analytics:-

  • Brand Equity
  • Internet of Things in Marketing
  • Marketing Research and Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing

The conference will be organized in Hybrid Mode. The keynote addresses will be of around 30-40 minutes given by experts in the related field. Paper Presentation will be organized to showcase the innovative work done by the researchers.


Thought-provoking and original research papers written in English language giving fresh insights and radically different views are invited from academicians, researchers, social activists, students, and corporate experts for the conference.

The paper should include the title of the Paper, the author’s name, and designation, institutional affiliation, and contact details.

The full paper should be typed in Times New Roman font size 12 with 1.5 line space. Bibliographical references should be arranged alphabetically and given at the end of the text in the APA/MLA format. The full version of the research paper should be submitted.

The after-conference proceedings will be published as a special issue in DTC Journal of Computational Intelligence. The paper should be submitted at:





Mr. Vipin Sahni (Chairman, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida) Mrs. Kiran Sahni (Chairperson, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida)
Mr. Aman Sahni (Vice-Chairman, DTC Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida) Hon’ble Justice Mr. Bhanwar Singh (Former Judge, Allahabad High Court) (Director General, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida)







Prof. (Dr.) Krishna Kant Singh (Director, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida)


Prof. (Dr.) Piyush Yadav (Professor & Dean Planning and Outreach, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida)   Dr Mohd Atif Wahid (Associate Professor, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida)






CA Prof. (Dr.) Anupama Sharma, HOD, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida

Ph no. 9718077224

Mr. Rakesh Razdan, Professor, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida

Ph no. 8800330771

Ms. Suparna, Assistant Professor, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida

Ph no. 7404122443




Ms. Neha Gupta, Assistant Professor, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida      

Ph no.8218311596

Ms. Manisha, Assistant Professor, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida

Ph no 8010979516

Mr. Amit Sarkar, Assistant Professor, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida

Ph. no 8802526863




Prof. Dr. Soumyakanti Chakraborty
IIM Calcutta

Prof.Praveen Rajpal
Consultant, ATS Elgi Ltd. (Automobile company)




Dr. Soumyakanti Chakraborty Professor, IIM Calcutta Dr. Suruchi Satsangi, Associate Professor, IPEM Ghaziabad
Dr. Shyam Kumar, Professor & Director, Accurate Business School Mr. Vivek Arya, Project Manager, Agile Mindset, CDAC
Dr. Pankaj Jain, NIIT University Mohammad Asjad, Professor, Jamia Millia Islamia

Prof. (Dr.) Deepshikha Bhargava (SIMEEE), HOD CS, Amity University, Noida

Dr. Vijay Krishna Pallaw, Associate Professor, GL Bajaj College of Technology and Management 
Dr. Priya Agrawal, Associate Professor, G. L. Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management


Ms. Deepti Sahu, Assistant Professor, CSE, Sharda University.
Dr. Nishant Kumar Gupta, Associate Professor, GNIOT Institute of Professional Studies, Greater Noida


Dr. Shweta Kulshrestha, Galgotias University