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Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Economics

Growing in popularity these days because of its widespread applicability, Economics as a subject extends from rural studies, statistics, GDP to banking, finance and development. The subject is rich in information, theories and analytics.

If these themes intrigue you then you may be a budding economist.

Economics Hons. is a highly sought-after degree, even though it has always been surrounded with the hullabaloo of difficulty, both in terms of getting admissions and the dedication required throughout the course itself. The alarming growth of cut-offs, various options of colleges and alternative career opportunities may cast confusion.

So, I am here to clear the mist by shedding light on the course structure, scope and career opportunities, so that you get into it with your eyes wide open.

Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) Economics at a Glance:

B.A Economics is an amalgamation of Macroeconomics, Micro economics and Statistics.

Macroeconomics is the study of the national and global economy as a whole, and covers broad concepts of income and employment, government budget and balance of payments. Microeconomics study’s economics concepts at the individual level, such as the study of price determination, types of markets, demand and supply etc.

Statistics is an essential element to the study of Economics as it helps to interpret and make sense of economic data.

The course sows the seeds of ideation, curiosity and interest in the young minds of students, further leading them to make successful careers in banking, finance, statistics, actuary, auditing, marketing, etc.

It is a course focused on the core fundamentals of Economics, its theories and applications. It covers both qualitative and quantitative courses in Economics like Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Econometrics, Economic Statistics, History of Economics, Indian Economy, etc.