The library is established in 2013 and upgraded as per the software VIDYA in 2016. Housed in the A Block, It covers an impressive span of 650 square meters and has 150 reading room seating capacity Wired with VIDYA library management software, it has been equipped with all its subsystems like LAN connectivity and Wi-Fi and functions from 9.30 am to 6.0 pm. The library’s basic format is very holistic, considering the interests of various departments and has a dedicated Library Committee with representatives from various departments to cater to specialized departmental needs. Based on Academic tenure, the representative’s liaison between the demand and supply of the books as per departmental needs, existing subscriptions, and additional inputs. Open access system helps the students apprise themselves with the latest knowledge bank in various subscriptions of Books, journals, e-books and e-journals. The aspirations of the students are catered to by filling the gap with additional subscriptions from time to time. the library houses 12 multimedia PCs. and is automated using Integrated Library Management System (ILMS). The library has a wide collection of Books, Journals, Database, CDs, Project reports competition books, newspapers, e-journals, magazines,  photocopying, printing & scanning facility etc. The Central Library has many books covering various branches of Engineering and Technology, Architecture, Accounts, Management, and Humanities and its related fields. The library offers computerized Catalogue Search Services (OPAC) for the user community. DELNET and J-GATE is used for accessing e-journals. e-books, Printing, photocopy, and scanning.

Show the library timing and the facilities available in the library.

Library Timings:

Monday to Friday:


09.30 AM to 06:00 PM

09.30 AM to  5.00  PM

Issue and Return Timings 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Facilities Available in the Library

Books No. of titles:        3565

No. of volumes: 21962

Print journals and magazines 70
E-Journals database DELNET, J-GATE, Directory of Open Access Journals.

Dr. S.K. Sharma
M.L.I.S.C, Ph.D.


Welcome to the Delhi Technical Campus Gr. Noida has excellent library and information centre facilitate and cater to the needs of students, faculties of  College. Libraries are backbone of any civilized society and heart of any academic institutions. Thus the library at DTC also acquires a prominent place among the students and faculty. Our library has a very rich collection of relevant books and journals. Our library provides useful resources for updating their knowledge and supporting the research and teaching / learning activities. DTC Library aims to offer effective services to its users to fulfill  their learning needs in the  field of Engineering, architecture, Management, BCA. The mission of the Central Library  is to provide reading  material and information services to readers.