30 Jan 2021

Coding Blocks: Coding Orientation Session held on 29 January, 2021

Our CESTA club organised a session on 29th January 2021 with Mr. Kartik from Coding Blocks. This session was for all college students that helped him to clear his doubts and queries regarding coding and programming. The session was really helpful for all the students who want to gain knowledge about coding and programming.

In the session Mr. Kartik describes what do mean by programming, advantages of programming. He discussed some real-life importance of programming that makes our life more comfortable. He describes Data Structure and algorithm basics and full 4-year roadmap how can students explore various field in coming 4years to crack FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) and various product based company. It was a very interactive section.

Mr. Kartik first describes programming, dsa and after that he describes by using which websites (leetcode, codechef), we can learn programming and which all websites are helpful to practices the question and concepts.

He also cleared the query of how to attend interview placement and gave some suggestions on how to crack the interview placement.

He describes open-source projects, internships and many more.


  • Upasna Joshi (Faculty coordinator)
  • Anubhav Bansal (Coding Blocks Campus Ambassador)