17 Sep 2021

Design Competition – Structural Model by SoA

Date-14th Sep 2021

Time- 10:30 to 1:00 pm

Batch- 2nd,3rd and 4th year


Prof. Tanya Gupta                                                                           Coordinator-Ar. Richa Singh & Ar. Amitesh Vijay Mourya

Faculty Attendance – 17 Nos

2nd Year/A 2nd Year/B 3rd Year/A 3rd Year/B 4th Year/A 4th Year/B
25 19 7 16 15 17

Student Attendance-99 nos

Poster of the Event



Model making is a very effective tool for enhancing the visualizing capacity of any designer. Whether it be any design field, prototyping your design through a model to check feasibility is quite crucial. We are inviting all the students to take part in this competition organized by SOA, to encourage students to take up this design stage of model making to the next level.

Screenshots of the Event:

Commencement of Event

Students Presenting in Jury

Students Presenting in Jury


Category 1 – Bridge Design

First Position – Vedika Verma

Second Position – Uday Prakash

Third Position – Priyanka

Category 2 – Pavilion Design

First Position – Preeti Chandok

Second Position- Shubham K. Sagar

Third Position- Naaz Warsi



The design competition not only helped students to enhance their visualization skills but also, helped them to develop a confidence of explaining their ideas, however vague or practical. The competition anyways instills a healthy competitive attitude amongst students, thereby increasing their standard of work. This competition also helped students to connect back to hand made assignments especially during this time when every assignment has become digital. Model making also helped students to work with hands which creates a stronger connection of mind to the output of the design.