Concept note is the first expression of the disciplinary committee, which provides flexibility for the college to keep the discipline in order. We are ready to work and re-work on the vital issues of discipline for the benefits of the students. This concept note is a summary of the proposals containing a brief description of the vision and objectives of the disciplinary committee. Discipline is the back-bone of any co-educational institution like DTC. The Discipline Board at DTC is charged with examining the alleged breaches of discipline within the college and adjudicating upon them. DTC follows ZERO tolerance policy so far as discipline and its breach is concerned.


  • Prevention is better than cure is the main objective of proctorial board.
  • Conduct inquiry into the incident of alleged breaches.
  • Disciplining students found guilty as per GGSIPU guidelines/norms.
  • Taking students into confidence so as to maintain discipline.
  • Personalized care to students.
  • Student involvement through event based student driven discipline committees.


Teacher’s Name Designation
Dr. Ajay Pal Indolia Chief Proctor
Dr. Alka Srivastava HOD, AS (Proctor)
Dr. Seema Verma HOD, CSE (Member)
Dr. Anupma Sharma HOD, MBA (Member)
Ar. Tanya Gupta HOD, B.Arch (Member)
Dr. Padmesh Tripathi Member
Dr Atif Wahid Member
Dr. Malvika Choudhary Member
Ms. Nidhi Sharma Member
Dr. Gandharava Swami Member
Dr. Aniket Singh Member
Dr. Amit Sarkar Member
General Code of Conduct