16 Jun 2023

Industrial Visit to Network Bulls – Gurugram

On 16th June 2023, the Department of Computer Science & Engineering organized an Industrial visit to Network Bulls – Gurugram for CSE II year students.

Network Bulls is a premier institute for networking training in India. It offers advanced training in associates, Professional and Expert levels in Enterprises/ R&S, Security and Data center, and Collaboration track certifications which are offered by Cisco Systems

Students assembled at the institute at 9:00 AM in front of the main gate and then all got to the bus to reach the destination on time. After reaching out, Students were given a brief introduction about networking as a field and the various aspects like demand, requirements, and certification of the field. Then, a theory lecture was given about IP Addresses, Network layers, Network Security, and various other topics. The theory session was completed around 12:30 PM. Then all the students commenced the Labs for the practical understanding of networking. They were introduced to the different network devices such as router, switches, and various network-related commands and their implementation in the industry.

Overall, It was a great experience to know about different fields in IT and learned various aspects and functioning of the IT Industry