The institute’s Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was established in 2018. The purpose of this Internal Quality Assurance Cell is

  • To engrain quality culture in the Institution.
  • To develop mechanisms and procedures to improve academic performance and administrative tasks.
  • To undertake various initiatives towards developing and applying quality benchmarks/parameters for various academic and administrative activities.

The diverse tasks of IQAC involvethe dissemination of information on various quality parameters, organization of workshops & seminars on quality-related themes, documentation of the various activities and processes, conducting annual internal quality audits and connecting with the stakeholders for the sustenance cum enhancement of the overall quality culture.The cell conducts the audits to monitor the activities undertaken in the department; the internal academic audits are aligned with the external academic audit of the university.

Roles & Responsibilities of IQAC:

  • Development and implementation of quality policies
  • Coordination and monitoring of quality assurance
  • Organization of workshops and training programs
  • Implementation of feedback mechanisms
  • Facilitation of accreditation and assessment processes


IQAC Committee





Dr. Krishna Kant Singh


Convener & Head
Mr Aman Sahni

Vice Chairman, DTC

Management Representative
Justice (Retd.) Bhanwar Singh

Director General, DTC

Management Representative
Dr. Piyush Yadav

Dean (Planning), DTC

Administration Representative
Dr. Kimmi Verma

Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE

Dr. Alka Srivastava

Professor, Dept. of Applied Science

Faculty Member
Dr. Malvika Chaudhary

Professor, Dept. of Applied Science

Faculty Member
Dr. Seema Verma

Professor, Dept. of CSE

Faculty Member
Dr. Ankit Gambhir

Associate Professor, Dept. of CSE

Faculty Member
Dr. Deepti Agarwal

Associate Professor, Dept. of ECE

Faculty Member
Ar. Tanya Gupta

Professor, School of Architecture

Faculty Member
Dr Anupama Sharma

Professor, Dept. of Management

Faculty Member
Mr. Vijay Jindal

Manager (Finance)

Finance Representative
Mr. Ashish Sharma Administrative Officer
Mr. Abdul Shariq Alumni Representative, B Tech. Batch 2016-20
Mr. R V Gopal Local Community Representative
Mohd. Jaseemuddin Naseem Student Representative B Tech, Batch 2022-26
Mr. Parikshit Kochar


Mr. Abhay Kapoor

(CHRO, Suzuki Motor Gujarat Private Limited)


Employer Representative
Ms. Sharda Bisht Stakeholder Representative (Parent)