06 Nov 2020

International Go-Kart Championship 2020: Season 8 – Team PHANTOM

The students of the Mechanical and Automation Engineering Department, Final Year participated in the International Go-Kart Championship Season 8 organised by the LPU SAEINDIA Collegiate Club (LSCC)  with a team name as Team PHANTOM.

A total of 48 teams internationally participated in the event and the students of Delhi Technical Campus secured 10th position in the IGC S8.

Date of Event: October 17, 2020 to October 24,2020

Venue: Google Meet Platform

The championship was judged on the following basis:

  1. Engineering Design Presentation.
  2. Engineering Design Report.
  3. Cost Presentation.
  4. Business Plan Presentation.
  5. Innovation Presentation.
  6. Sketching Competition.
  7. Online Quiz Competition.
  8. CAD Video of the design of the vehicle.

IGC S8 is the world’s first ever Online Motorsport student’s event. It was a typical task to make yourself ready for a totally different form of event when you are prepared for a usual form of event. But with full support and coordination of faculties and the college Delhi Technical Campus, Team Phantom not only prepared itself for the event but has improved its rank from 36th in the last year to 10th in this season.

All the things were done again and the dynamic event was transformed onto the Virtual platform.

The performance of the team was a level best and it secured the following positions internationally:

  1. Sketching Competition: Rank 3
  2. Online Quiz Competition: Rank 7
  3. Overall IGC Ranking: Rank 10

Team Phantom Logo

The Go-Kart designed by the students of Team Phantom is:

What we made and what we designed was almost similar to each other and that gave Team Phantom a positive point to score better. Under the guidance of the faculties, Captain (Sakshar Malik) and the Vice Captain (Sparsh Pathak), Team Phantom performed well in less time and involvement of all the members brought a spirit of teamwork among the students. It also brought a positive change in the quality of expression and presentation skills while the students were preparing for the event.

Technical Specifications Result:

  1. Sketching Competition: The topic for the sketching competition was to design a vehicle for a common man of 2050 using sustainable development. The sketch was designed by Anwer Suhail and our team secured Third rank in this event. The sketch created by team Phantom is:
  2. Online Quiz Competition: This was the very first event conducted in the series of the event scheduled. Our team member Adesh Shrivastava participated in the quiz on the behalf of the team. Team Phantom secured 7th rank in the Quiz competition. It was a 10 minute quiz with 20 MCQ questions based upon the knowledge of the rule book and Vehicle Dynamics.
  3. Overall Competition: The other presentation includes the following weightage:
  4. Engineering Design Presentation: 100 marks

The EDP was presented by a group of 6 students of the team, Adesh Shrivastava, Mitul Srivastav, Sparsh Pathak, Anwer Suhail, Harshit Tripathi and Abhay Dhyani.

  1. Business Plan Presentation: 75 Marks

The B-Plan was presented by a group of 4 students of the team, Sparsh Pathak, Mrinal Gupta, Sharad Choudhary and Sourav Gupta.

  1. Cost Presentation: 50 Marks

The cost presentation was given by a group of 3 students, Adesh Shrivastava, Utkarsh Prajapati and Sunder Singh.

  1. Engineering Design Report: 50 Marks
  2. Innovation Presentation: 25 Marks

The innovation presentation was given by Adesh Shrivastava. The innovation include the modernization of the go kart by involving three advanced concept which include:

  1. Biometric Ignition/Start
  2. Automatic Fire Extinguisher System (AFES)

III. Collision Proof Vehicle

  1. CAD Video: 25 Marks

The CAD video was made on software Fusion 360 by Anwer Suhail.


The core of any mechanical project lies in the Design and Analysis. The design team of Team Phantom worked day and night to create the best product. The members of the  Design Team were Adesh Shrivastava, Mitul Srivastav, Anwer Suhail, Dhananjaya Bansal, Aditya Katoch and Bibhujeet Samal. The software used were DS SolidWorks, Fusion 360 and ANSYS 2020 R1.

The Fabrication Team also worked hard to create the similar product as designed. The fabrication team includes Sakshar Malik, Adesh Shrivastava, Anwer Suhail, Amit Kumar Arya, Harshit Tripathi, Sparsh Pathak, Dinkal Arora and many more.

Apart from the working of the team the kind of support and guidance given by the college and the Mechanical department faculties made the team achieve the ranking and perform to the level best.

It was the coordination of the team and the college that helped Team Phantom to achieve such great heights.

Some photos of Team Phantom: