On September 21st, 2022, the School of Management organized a Guest Lecture where Mr.Neeraj Rana came to enlighten students on the topic of ‘What Employers Look for in Freshers.’ Mr.Rana has been a part of Human Resources and is currently Vice President in MPS Ltd. He has done his Bachelors in Engineering, Computer Science and Post Graduate Diploma in IT and Management.

He conveyed to the students how important it is to transform ourselves to work as good employees. He explained the need to develop ourselves from within because college life is very different from corporate life of a person.

An employee should be responsible, patient, honest, flexible, and should always be ready to face challenges calmly through his hard work in a smart way.

He also gave the students keys for transforming themselves into good employees- Being Consistent, Productive, Learning to Utilize and Unlearn processes, and Team Work. Mr.Rana Quoted “It’s All AboutGoals and Desires” which got students to think about their future and what’s their aim in life.’

Later, he explained, to crack an interview one needs – A good Profile, an Introduction, knowing one’s capabilities and capacity, a good Resume, and Confidence. According to him, the strategy to work towards any goal is C.A.R and K.S.A representing C(Context) A(Action) R(Result), K(Knowledge) S(Skills) A(Attribute). One should incorporate K.S.A into C.A.R. to get the best results. It means understanding the context, taking action, and getting results using the knowledge, skills, and attributes.

In the end, he focussed on achieving one’s goal and doing the work which is in one’s interest for the best growth and development of a person.