10 Oct 2019

MAE Effi-Cycle Competition

A report on Efficycle competition held in LPU, Punjab

EFFI-CYCLE was an initiative of SAEINDIA with the objective of providing an opportunity for the students, to explore the “Environment Friendly and Economical” solutions for the day-to-day mobility needs of people. The event task was to conceive design and fabricate a prototype of a three wheel configuration vehicle, capable of seating two passengers and powered by human and-electric hybrid power.

The competition called participation of undergraduate, graduate and Post graduate engineering students from the institutes and universities across the country. The students participated in competition in form of a team guided by the faculty advisor recognized by the institute.

Efficycle competition was supported by Maruti Suzuki and Indian Oil and held in Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar (Punjab) from 1st to 5th October 2019. A total 150 teams were participated from across the country.

Like last year DTC college has renewed SAEINDIA college membership in June 2019 and got an opportunity to participate in Effi-Cycle competition.

Students had to work in a team to take part in events aimed to judge the design, cost, marketing potential, technical parameters, safety, dynamic characteristics and durability of the vehicle.

Dr. Kuldeep Panwar and Mr. Nitesh Kumar Agrhari are the faculty coordinators from DTC college.

Parth Madan (team captain), Rinkaj Solanki (vice captain of the team “Wishbone racing”), Sahil Kakkar, Dushyant Kumar, Sparsh Pathak, Muskan Chaudhary, Amit Jangra, Anish Sharma, Rajat Negi and Parinita Rastogi along with college representative Mr. Saurabh Garg (MAE Dept) had attended the event in LPU.