29 Feb 2024

National Conference 2024

Name of the Activity: National Conference 2024
Theme of the Activity: Intelligent System Analytics: “Approaches and Practical Implementations”
Activity Date(s): 29th February 2024 No. of Participants: 54
Brief Description of the Activity:
The Department of Management organized a National Conference on Intelligent System Analytics: “Approaches and Practical Implementations (ISAAPI 2024) on 29th February 2024. The program commenced with an auspicious lamp lighting ceremony by the dignitaries. The program aimed at empowering students by creating awareness and a specialized knowledge on Intelligent System Analytics, a cutting-edge field that integrates artificial intelligence and data analytics to develop intelligent systems capable of making informed decisions and predictions. The event aimed to showcase the latest advancements and research findings in this field, providing valuable insights for academics, professionals, and industry experts. The program was divided into 3 stages, the First was the inaugural session of the conference wherein the audience was addressed by keynote speaker Dr. Soumyakanti Chakraborty, Professor, IIM Calcutta in the field of Management Information System. He discussed various significant aspects of Intelligent System Analytics and its significance in revolutionizing various sectors including healthcare, finance, and manufacturing with the students and emphasised on how we can have career options in this field. Afterwards, Second Keynote speaker Prof. Praveen Rajpal Consultants, ATS Elgi Ltd. (Automobile Company) highlighted the potential of advanced machine learning algorithms and predictive analytics in enabling intelligent decision-making processes. The speakers deliberated on the significance of Intelligent System Analytics and its benefits as a career choice. In the third session, Technical Sessions (paper presentation) were conducted on the following tracks:

1.Business Analytics 2 Banking and Finance 3 Technology and Innovation in Business 4 Marketing Analytics

The program was attended by Director Dr. Krishna Kant Singh, Dean Dr. Piyush Yadav, CA Prof (Dr) Anupama Sharma- HOD Management, Dr. Mohd. Atif Wahid, All Faculties Members of Management Department along with the students of Management Department. CA Prof (Dr) Anupama Sharma -HOD Management was the convener of the Conference and Ms. Suparna was the Organising Secretary of the Programme.

The program objective was to equip students with essential knowledge and skills and apprise them to develop a range of skills and competencies that are valuable in both their personal and professional lives. And make them aware of the current business world technologies.

The students very enthusiastically participated in the program and got valuable insights related to the above mentioned conference as a career prospect. At the end the students were satisfactorily answered by the expert speaker by sharing real-life examples and insights. The session concluded with the Best Paper Award declaration and a vote of thanks in valedictory session to all the participants.

Brief Description of Participants(like industry experts, students, faculty, etc):
The participants included: The keynote speakers Dr. Soumyakanti Chakraborty, Professor, IIM Calcutta, Prof. Praveen Rajpal ATS Elgi Ltd. (Automobile Company), Director Dr. K.K. Singh, Dean Dr. Piyush Yadav, CA Prof (Dr.) Anupama Sharma, HOD Management, Dr. Atif Wahid Head Research Cell and all faculty members of Management Department.

All the students of the Department of Management, MBA, BBA, BCom and faculty members from various colleges, industry experts, research scholars were also present who participated in the conference being around 54 in number.

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