19 Jan 2024

National Conference on Recent Trends and Advances in Computational Research (RTACR 2023)

Name of the activity National Conference on Recent Trends and Advances in Computational Research (RTACR 2023) in Hybrid mode
Theme of the activity Computational Research
Activity Date(s): 28-12-2023 No. of Participant Attendants:  46
A brief description of the activity:
Objective: The conference aimed to provide participants and professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand and harness the potential of cutting-edge intelligent computational methods and technologies.

Distinguished Speakers:

1. Inaugural Speech:

· Speaker: Professor Krishna Kant Singh

· Position: Director Academics, Delhi Technical Campus, Greater Noida.

· Content: Prof. K. K. Singh delivered the welcome address, setting the tone for the conference and emphasizing the importance of advancements in intelligent computational methods.

2. Introduction to theme:

Presented by: Dr. Harpreet Kaur

· Content: Dr Harpreet Kaur provided a detailed introduction, encapsulating the key themes, insights, and outcomes of the conference. Her comprehensive overview highlighted the significance of the discussions and the collective knowledge during the event.

3. Keynote Speech:

· Speakers: Prof. Akansha Singh, Bennett University

· Content: Prof. Akansha Singh delivered keynote speeches, providing valuable insights into the latest developments in intelligent computational methods and technologies. Their expertise contributed to the conference’s goal of enhancing participants’ understanding of these cutting-edge fields.

Session 2: Paper Presented by faculty members and B.Tech students in and out of the DTC in hybrid mode.

Key Themes Discussed:

· Intelligent Computational Methods

· Emerging Technologies

· Applications in Various Industries

· Future Trends and Innovations

Award Announcement:

4. Presented by: Prof. (Dr.) Seema Verma

· Content: Prof. (Dr.) Seema Verma announced and recognized outstanding contributions and achievements during the conference. The awards celebrated excellence and innovation within the academic and professional community.

5. Vote of Thanks:

· Speaker: Prof (Dr) Seema Verma

· Content: Prof (Dr) Seema Verma expressed gratitude to all participants, speakers, and organizers, acknowledging their contributions to the success of RTACR 2023. The vote of thanks highlighted the collaborative efforts that made the conference a valuable platform for knowledge exchange.

Conclusion: The First National Conference on National Conference on Recent Trends and Advances in Computational Research (RTACR 2023) in Hybrid mode was a resounding success, thanks to the distinguished speakers, enthusiastic participants, and dedicated organizers. The event contributed significantly to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of advancements in this rapidly evolving field.The conference saw active participation from researchers, professionals, and students, fostering engaging discussions and networking opportunities. Attendees had the chance to deepen their understanding of intelligent computational methods and explore potential applications in diverse fields and engaging session that showcased the exciting opportunities in this field.

There were 24 papers received in the conference and out of which 15 were accepted to be published in DTC Journal of Computation Intelligence.

Brief Description of Participants (like industry experts, students, faculty, etc.)
The national conference was attended in person by a group of participants from B.Tech. students and BCA of 2nd to 4th year, and outside the College, Faculties of CSE, Management, ECE department of DTC and outside the college, Dean Planning, and Director Academics.