By looking at the Covid-19 Pandemic, Govt. of India and State Govt. ordered the closure of the Educational Institutions for in-campus teaching. Although this impacted the normal functioning of the institutes and hit day to day activities; Delhi Technical Campus has handled the situation with very well in its own way.

In this difficult situation Delhi Technical Campus looks after all its stakeholders along with preventing the loss of academic studies. The Institute took the first step in holding all lectures in remote mode. Shortly before the closure of the campus for Covid-19 pandemic, a detailed planning for various ICT platforms was done for an effective implementation of all the important tools and measures from 18 March 2020. The college extensively used ICT resources with its own ERP software CollPoll for conducting scheduled lectures as per the regular time table. Especially free online tools and applications viz., Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Google Meet & Classroom etc were used by faculties for conducting the online lectures without incurring any cost. In this response, students and parents reacted positively and connected with the faculties across the country. The online lectures were conducted using platforms such as desktops, laptops, tabs, mobile phones. Faculties used various methods and tools of teaching such as recorded videos, flip classes, power point presentations, and tutorial lectures.

The strategy adopted by the Delhi Technical Campus management, faculties and staff turned out to be successful. Faculties and students from various institutes such as Engineering, Architecture, Hotel Management and Computer Application of Delhi Technical Campus connected through these online tools and continued their academics without any loss. Students and faculties were engaged as per their schedules.

Institute also performed continuous assessments and evaluation of the students to ensure that the students are absorbing the lectures really well through online Assignments, viva-voce, quizzes, MCQs, and live Projects.

Some glimpses of the E-Lectures Delivered to students are: