The training and Placement department is dedicated to the proper placement of students. The placement department in a college serves several important roles to facilitate the transition of students from academia to the workforce. The department provides support to each student, guiding them through every step of their journey in building a fulfilling career.

It advises students on career options and provides the latest information on training & employment opportunities.

Focus areas are providing guidance, counseling, and bringing students and potential employers together to achieve the best possible placement depending on the market conditions. The department looks after the interests of the students and the employers by providing them with the necessary platform.

The office provides support to each student, guiding them through every step of their journey in building a fulfilling career.

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The objectives of this department are as follows:

  1. Career Guidance and Counseling: The placement department offers personalized advice and guidance to students regarding their career paths. This includes helping them explore various industries, understand job market trends, and align their skills and interests with potential career opportunities.
  2. Resume Building and Cover Letter Assistance: They assist students in crafting effective resumes and cover letters tailored to specific job or internship applications. This involves providing feedback on content, formatting, and highlighting relevant experiences and skills.
  3. Job Search Resources: The department provides access to a range of job search resources, including online job boards, career portals, and networking events. They may also organize workshops or seminars on job search strategies, interview techniques, and networking skills.
  4. Internship and Co-op Programs: They facilitate internship and cooperative education programs to help students gain practical work experience in their field of study. This involves establishing partnerships with employers, coordinating placement opportunities, and providing support throughout the internship process.
  5. Employer Engagement and Recruitment Events: The placement department collaborates with employers to promote job and internship opportunities to students. This may include organizing career fairs, employer information sessions, on