Training & Placement at DTC

The Early Bird Gets the Worm…

Our Future has a lot to do with proper planning, preparation and choices that we make today. Be it in the academic world or in the professional arena; be it in the field of sports competition, if one doesn’t plan for the future, the future does not include one in its plan.

It is mostly in the third year that the students start preparing for the placements. Since its inception, the institute has devised and developed a medley of resources to achieve great placement for its students. In accordance with the placement requirements, we have devised a unique and innovative methodology that provides a great blend of conceptual learning, practice and industry exposure. Hence, the students are both trained and tested over a long period which enhances their skills, personality and confidence and opens them to multiple opportunities.  Besides offering a range of professional courses and unique teaching methodology that is focused towards placements, we have a strong and resourceful Training & Placement Cell.

A Strong Team of Management and Mentors: At DTC, to bridge the industry- academia gap and mentor the students from 2nd year itself, we have a strong training & placement team consisting of Training & Placement officer, faculty placement coordinators & student mentors from. We at DTC follow various innovative channels to offer a strong placement outcome:

  1. Placement ERP: For speedy information, placement updates and monitor students’ participation, we have implemented Placement ERP, Calixpod. Placement cell, students, faculty and parents all are able to communicate through this innovative platform.
  2. Job Fair: Every Year, we organize job fair in the institute for B.Tech & MBA students. Around 30 companies visit the institute with offers of placement & internships.
  3. Training & Workshops: From 3rd year itself, the institute organizes workshops and training for resume writing, interview skills, aptitude and programming. The institute hired the corporate firm DreamUny for 45 sessions of corporate training.
  4. Assessment Tests: To evaluate the corporate skills of students and prepare them for jobs, the institute conducts AMCAT test regularly.
  5. Student Mentors: The institute alumni who are placed with various big companies also visit the institute and provide mentoring to the upcoming batch.

As a result of the continuous and collective efforts of training and placement cell, faculty coordinator and mentors, our students are placed with big companies like Infosys, HCL, Wipro, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Cognizant, Nineleaps, NIIT, ICICI etc.