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DTC  believes the contribution of faculty and students must focus on the sustainable solutions to problems of the modern world. Research at DTC will be nurtured in form of student’s project, where faculty (supervisor) and students (Session 2016-2020) jointly published their following research publication:

Author Name Title Name of the Conference/ Journal Status of Publication Date of Publication /Conference
Dr. Divya Mishra

Jasmine Sethi

Shashank S

A Review on P2P File System based on IPFS for Concurrency Control in Hadoop IEMIS 2020 (International
Conference on Emerging Technologies in Data Mining and
Information Security)
Published July 2-3, 2020
Dr. Divya Mishra

Sonali Sinha


An Image Steganography System: Its Analysis and Implementation 2020 IEEE International Conference on Computing, Power and Communication Technologies Under Review Oct 2020
Mr. Nitesh Singh Bhati


An improved ensemble based intrusion detection technique using XGBoost Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies – SPECIAL ISSUE ARTICLE Published 07 August 2020
Nidhi Sharma FahadMehfooz



Shreya saini

Medical Chatbot for Novel COVID-19 5th ICT4SD 2020 ( Proceedings by Springer ) Accepted October 2020
Upasna Joshi


Md. Sabir

IOT: Oppurtunities and application inpharamaceutical manufacturing IJRTE (Scopus) Submitted Sept,2020
Dr. Pushpa


AQUABIN: AN EXPERT SYSTEM TO DETECT AND MANEUVER THE FLOATING TRASH 4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Communication & Electronics (ICCE-2020) Accepted 28-29 Nov.
Megha Kumar



Development of Autonomous Drones for Adaptive Obstacle Avoidance in Real World Environments IJSRP Submitted Nov 20
Megha Kumar



Jaffar Jawed

Automated Image Captioning Based on Deep Neural Networks IJRASET Submitted Nov 20



AbhinavPrayaas: Innovation in Web Application IJRASET Submitted Nov 20
Medhavi Pandey

Kumar Anurag, \Avinash Kumar, Yahiya Khan,


Smart Checkout System,Edge Computing. International Journal of Advanced Research and Innovation Submitted Nov 2020
Vivek Krishna Misra Sanskar Mittal
Tourism Through Voice Using Alexa Skill IJSER
International Journal of Science Engineering and Reserach
Nitesh Singh Bhati, Real Time De-hazing Device and A Method Thereof PATENT Published August 2020
D. Upadhyay

A. K. Dubey

Maximum Probable Clock Offset Estimation (MPCOE) to Reduce Time Synchronization Problems in Wireless Sensor Networks Wireless Pers Commun 114, 1177–1190


Published 2020
Singh, Pushpa, and Rajeev Agrawal, An Overloading State Computation and Load Sharing Mechanism in Fog Computing. JITR-14(3).


Published 2020
Singh, N., Singh, Pushpa., Singh, K. K., & Singh, A. Machine learning based classification and segmentation techniques for CRM: a customer analytics.  International Journal of Business Forecasting and Marketing Intelligence, 6(2), 99-117.


Published 2020
Singh, P.& Singh N. Blockchain with IoT & AI: A Review of Agriculture and Healthcare, IJAEC, 11(4), Article 2


Published 2020
Singh P.,&Singh, N.


Role of data mining techniques in bioinformatics International Journal of Applied Research in Bioinformatics (IJARB) 11(6).
Nitesh Singh Bhati and Manju Khari “An Optimized Intrusion Detection Scheme using Ensemble based Voting Method” Journal of Intelligent & Fuzzy Systems.


[Accepted] 2020
N. Bhati, Bhoopesh Singh.   “An improved ensemble based intrusion detection technique using XGBoost.” Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies (2020):e4076.[SCIE, IF:1.85]


Published 2020
Kuldeep, Singh, Pushpa, “The IoT based Digital Postal Services” 4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Communication & Electronics (ICCE-2020)


Published 2020
A. S. Mattoo, D. Upadhyay, A. K. Dubey and M. K. Shukla, “An approach to analyse and protect data on Untrusted Cloud Network,” 10th International Conference on Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering (Confluence), Noida, India, 2020, pp. 139-144


Published 2020
D. Upadhyay, A. K. Dubey and M. K. Shukla, 2020 “Group Key Management in Cloud for Shared Media Sanitization,” 2020 Sixth International Conference on Parallel, Distributed and Grid Computing (PDGC), Noida, 2020


Nitesh Singh Bhati and Manju Khari. “A Survey on Hybrid Intrusion Detection Techniques” International Conference on Research in Intelligent and Computing in Engineering (RICE-2020), Springer, TDMU, Vietnam.


Nitesh Singh Bhati and Manju Khari. “A New Intrusion Detection Scheme using CatBoost Classifier” EAI International Conference on Forthcoming Networks and Sustainability in the IoT Era (EAI FoNeS-IoT 2020), Springer, Turkey


M. Kumar & U. Joshi 


“AI in Education” DTC Journal of Engineering & Technology, 2020 Published
D. Upadhyay, S. Sharma,”).


Convergence of Artificial Intelligence of Things: Concepts, Designing, and Applications,” (2021 Towards Smart World. New York: Chapman and Hall/CRC, Published
Singh, N., Singh, Pushpa, Singh, K. K., & Singh, A. Disease Diagnosis by using Machine Learning Elsevier Publication. Published
Pushpa Singh& Narendra Singh


Prospects of Machine Learning with blockchain in Healthcare and Agriculture. ISBN13: 9781799858768, IGI Publications Published
Pushpa Singh , Rajnesh Singh, Murari Kumar Singh & Narendra Singh, (2020). A Distributed Artificial Intelligence: A Future of AI, WILEY Publication Published
Neha Agarwal, Pushpa Singh& Narendra Singh,


Machine Learning Applications for IoT Healthcare, Willey Publications. Published
Nidhi Sharma

Tarun Pratap Singh Ravi Ranjan        

Arpit Mishra Himanshu   

Semantic Segmentation Of Satellite Image: A Survey IRJET                   International Research Journal Of Engineering And Technology Published 12th Dec 2020