12 Jun 2021


Event: “TALAASH” Treasure hunt by CESTA

Date: 08th June 2021

Time: 4:00 P.M.

With all due to blessings of god and guidance of our management staff, support from our Head of Computer Science Department Ms. Divya Mishra and our faculty coordinator mam Ms. Upasana Joshi, CESTA organized the event “TALAASH” which was sponsored by Coding Blocks. The students very enthusiastically participated in this event, All the participants were briefed about the terms and conditions of the event. The rules were like there were 5 password protected pdf’s the sole aim of the student were to crack the pdf with the help of riddles provided to them. The curiosity of the students was on peak. The one who would have cracked the 5th pdf will join the meeting with the core members and will be announced as winner. The pdf’s covered riddles on various topics like nature, politics and technical themes. The students started the event with utmost enthusiasm. As it was a non-technical event thus it was done for all the years irrespective of their stream and year of specialization. The students who cracked the pdf and secured the position were:

1st: Satyam and Shivanshu

2nd :1) Awaab Siddhiqi     2)Tripti Anand and Monika Kumari

3rd: Yuganshika

The students who secured the first rank were felicitated with the cash prize of Rs 200 and also coding blocks coupon voucher. The students who secured second prize were given cash amount of Rs 150 and 3rd Winner were given cash prize of Rs 100 along with appreciation certificates and Coding blocks coupons. All the participants were given the soft copy of their certificate, hard copy will be also provided to them post pandemic. From bottom of our heart, we thank the authorities for their valuable assets and support.

Event Details: Click Here