Pedagogy in teaching refers to a two way interaction between a teacher and students which leads to better understanding using innovative instructional approaches. Pedagogy leads to quality of teaching, helping students to learn the subject deeply. It also promotes active participation of students and students achieve deep learning. Effective pedagogies depend on behavior or action of teachers, knowledge and understanding of teachers. Pedagogy includes teaching in game based approach so that the sessions get interesting and creative;It is the method and practice of teaching. Pedagogy basically includes the way the content is presented to the learner using some pedagogical tools like role plays, casestudies, and gamification.

Need of Pedagogy

  • Gaining the student’s attention and establishing expectations.
  • Reviewing relevant, previously-learned material.
  • Presenting the new information by linking it to previous learning.
  • Providing learning guidance or elaboration.
  • Providing time for practice and feedback.