Step 1: The course allocation is done before the beginning of the semester. Faculty members are provided with a semester-wise list of courses and asked for their course choice by the timetable coordinator. Finally, the HOD assigns courses based on faculty expertise and preference.

Step 2: Once the courses are allocated, the faculty members prepare a detailed lesson plan, and course outcomes are defined, followed by preparing course handouts and course materials.

Step 3: Faculty members use various pedagogical methods to carry out the teaching-learning process. The various pedagogical methods used by the faculty members are enlisted in Table.

Pedagogical Methods
⮚ Lecture using whiteboard and marker

⮚ Lecture using PowerPoint presentation

⮚ Interactive lecture and discussion

⮚ Lecture using video content

⮚ Presentation with demonstration (Hardware and software)

⮚ Lecture using illustrations

⮚ Laboratory work

⮚ Tutorial classes

⮚ Mini Projects

⮚ Self-learning methods through NPTEL etc.