06 Nov 2020

Workshop on Being: Creatively Rational- An Architects approach towards UNIVERSAL DESIGN

Workshop on
Being: Creatively Rational- An Architects approach towards UNIVERSAL DESIGN

Date: 28 -29 October 2020
Time: 11am to 2pm

Expert – Ar. Gaurab Das Mahapatra

Coordinator- Ar. Chandrakala Kesarwani
Ar. Amitesh Vijay Mourya

The 2 day workshop conducted by an expert Ar. Gaurab Das Mahapatra focused on the Universal design aspects and its application in Design at every stage. The workshop focused on the importance ,need and application of the principles of Universal Design.

Day 1- The first day gave a brief insight of Universal design and its various Paradigms in three sessions covering topics such as-

  • Session 1-
  1. SDG, Term Handicap,
  2. The term “Handicap”
  3. Types and Models of Disabilities
  4. Introduction to Universal Design and its difference with “Barrier Free Architecture” and “Inclusive Design”
  5. Principles of Universal Design
  6. Technical Approaches towards understand Universal Design
  7. Global Scenario
  • Session 2-
  2. Development of Regulatory mechanisms in India
  3. Existing eminent Indian guidelines
  4. People’s Perception
  5. Segments of Accessibility in India
  • Session 3-
  1. Role of Academics in promoting inclusiveness

Day 2- The second day gave a brief insight of Application Universal design in Architecture.

  • Session 1-
  1. Eminent guidelines from other countries:
  2. Universal Design Features
  • Session 2
  1. Emergency Evacuation
  • Session 3
  1. Introduction to Access Audit
  2. Accessible India Campaign
  3. Example of Global Access Audit Formats

By the end of the workshop students from all the batches were given assignment based on the workshop.

The link for the sessions is as below:

DAY-1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rdGU4Q9ANwHdGIDc9KSx5iKxshJH2Keu/view

DAY-2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-3pWG9jLG4UiB4kw8-HwaZwu_cugLiA0/view