DTC School Connect Team extends a warm invite to all schools to be an important part of our School Connect Initiative. This initiative is first of its kind. Our School Connect Program has a couple of activities to bridge the gap between school and college. These activities strengthen the bond of continuity between secondary years and early university years of learning in the student’s life.

Our School Connect Initiatives

1. Experience a day at University Campus
Duration 4 Hrs
Venue: DTC

2. Drone Camp
Duration 3 Hrs
Venue: School/DTC

3. Career Counseling Session
Duration 1 Hr
Venue: School/DTC

4. Activities for Schools run by NGOs
Duration 2 Hr
Venue: NGO/School/DTC

1. Experience a day at the College

We invite students of grades IX,X, XI and XII from esteemed schools to experience a day in the life of a student at a technical college. It is a complete learning experience for the students with fun and excitement too. The day’s program is designed keeping in mind the timelines, safety and security of school students. They visit the campus, participate in workshops, attend lectures, see various labs, eat at the mess, go around the hostel, and meet the professors, the respective Hod, Hon.Dean and Hon.Director.They experience the technical college life for real.

Plan for the day

Time Place Activity
10:00 am Arrival at DTC Students assemble in the reception area
10:15 am Auditorium Introductory session
10:45 am Campus Tour Students go for a campus tour – labs,classroom,play areas hostel and end their visit at the mess area
11:15 am Mess Veg. refreshment is provided by DTC. However students carry their lunch boxes and water bottles along.
11:35 am Group A Workshop Hotel Management Workshop/EC/Drone Workshop
12:15 pm Group B Workshop Architecture Workshop/ Mechanical Workshop
1:00 pm Auditorium Students assemble for a experience sharing activity
1:20 pm Auditorium Rendezvous with Hon. Dean Ma’am & Hon. Director Sir
1:30 pm Departure Students board the buses for school

2. Drone Camp

3. Career Counseling Session

4. School Connect Activities at NGOs